Traversing through the Anime-themed MMORPG world of Onigiri, players will face a barrage of unique challenges on their journey to save Japan.

"Sarutobi Sasuke" - NFT companion

The core gameplay loop revolves around traveling

defeating foes, hiking through fields, clearing dangerous dungeons and exploring new cities, with some based on real places like Kyoto.

QuesTs and NPCs

Various quests from countless NPCS along the journey

Some of these quests will be dangerous and require players to defeat specific bosses, while other NPCs will simply enlist the player's help in completing a string of miscellaneous tasks.

As players help out an assortment of characters, some of these characters will join the player on their journey and even grow ‘affection’ towards them.

These companions will be critical in boss fights, the most challenging feature of Onigiri

In combat, Onigiri features a fast-paced weapon-switching combat system focused on guarding and dodging enemy attacks.

As each boss has its own unique fighting style/abilities, players will have to adopt different tactics, weapons and companion compositions depending on the opponent they face.

Can you bring peace and tranquillity back to Japan?

Find out, in the greatest anime-themed MMORPG to hit the blockchain