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NFT mint on Aug 3rd
2:30 PM UTC (OG Presale)
3:00 PM UTC (WL Presale)
3:30 PM UTC (Public sale)‎






with 5M+ fans coming to P2E

"Uesugi Kenshin" - NFT companion

MMORPG in the mythical land of ancient Japan

Explore the beauty of ancient Japan in the blockchain reboot of the beloved Onigiri MMORPG.


The characters below are the main story characters separate from the special companions that can be bought and owned as NFTs.

Exclusive NFT Companions

The Onigiri Collection is a group of NFTs based off of 4 specially designed characters with a wide range of attributes.

Holders will enjoy in-game utility through exclusive companions that grow in strength and affection as they fight alongside the NFT holders in-game!




Onigiri’s rich 10-year journey has been bolstered by the dedicated team at CyberStep and now also by Catheon Gaming team.

A robust IP infrastructure ensures that Onigiri will be one of the first Japanese P2E MMORPGs to go to market.

Phase 1 (Q2, 2022)
Launch Website V1.0
Release Whitepaper and Pitch Deck
Phase 1 (Q2, 2022)
Phase 2 (Q3, 2022)
First wave NFT mint
Guild Partnerships
Phase 2 (Q3, 2022)
Phase 3 (Q4, 2022)
IDO & Token Listing
Beta release
NFT scholarships
Phase 3 (Q4, 2022)
Phase 4 (Q1, 2023)
Full game release
Continuous updates
Phase 4 (Q1, 2023)


ONIGIRI is being developed by a diverse and dedicated group of team members who are committed to the long term success of the project.

CEO - Cyberstep

Rui is a gaming industry veteran with many years of experience in the industry after having graduated from the National Institute of Technology in Tokyo College in 1998. He became the CEO for CyberStep in 2000 and turned it into a Joint-Stock Company.

Cofounder / Executive Director

Yutaka is a founding member of CyberStep, Inc., responsible for the development of the in-house engine that is the foundation of many in-house game titles. In addition to his technical expertise, his vast knowledge of the game industry and extensive experience

Executive Director

Kosuke is the game producer of both the Operations Group and Project Development Group, with extensive experience at numerious positions that allow for a thorough understanding of project development from planning to release. He plays a significant role in the management of new projects, while ensuring that success is maintained for existing in-house titles through promotion and marketing campaigns. These include the establishment of positive relationships with media and influencers in the industry.

Game Director

Tama is the Director of many in-house game titles, with experience in both the development and management process. With her extensive knowledge of the main player-base, in-house titles are developed under her careful guidance to achieve the desired goals, while also catering to the audience with character development and storytelling that is compelling for existing and new players alike.

Art Director

Sho is the Art Director of many in-house game titles, responsible for the visual realization of concepts proposed and added during development. Working closely with the members of the development and design teams, various aspects of the game come to life under the direction of his expertise to produce a visually appealing game for all audiences.

Chief 3D Designer

Kame is the Chief Designer for both 2D and 3D designs of in-house game titles. His original artwork and character designs are constantly anticipated by fans of our titles, and continue to attract new players who admire his brilliant designs.


Wakaba is the Main Illustrator responsible for the design of key visuals and promotional materials for many CyberStep game titles. The aesthetically pleasing illustrations have attracted new and existing players from all over the world to CyberStep’s many game titles. He is well renowned in the industry for his illustrations of the official Windows 7 and Windows 10 promotional characters “Madobe Nanami” and “Madobe Touka”, amongst his many other illustrations admired by both peers and fans.

Project Co-Lead

Leo is an ex-investment banker who is currently based in Hong Kong. An alum of University of Tokyo, Leo is an avid investor, anime fan and crypto enthusiast. He is extremely passionate towards introducing the Japanese culture to the world.

Game Economy Lead

Harrison has supported investment funds as a blockchain consultant along with a lot of experience in operations and fundraising for startups. Most importantly, he has 12 years of experience in trading in MMOs.

Community Lead

A long time gamer of 15 years, Glyle has 7 years of IT and management experience at Windows and 3 years of experience in the blockchain gaming industry.

Marketing Lead

Austin has a background in engineering, quality control and sales and has a proven track record in the Web3 blockchain gaming space. He’s also a die hard gamer with hundreds of hours put into FPS games like Call of Duty and Halo. He always seeks new achievements and has a lifelong passion for fantasy RPG.

Content Lead

Aditya comes from a VC background with experience in market research and content generation to drive community engagement. He is also a part time writer with his own blog on Philosophy and Web3

Community Advisor

An IT grad with a Business Administration background, Zee is experienced in handling team and community management. He also has a polished repertoire of various community lead positions in many of Catheon’s projects.

Partnerships Lead

An experienced project manager and marketing specialist, Alessio is a former founder in the sustainable food space. He received his bachelor’s degree in economics from Sapienza Università di Roma